Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Timing B head (Exhaust)

I have drilled the head to accept the new limiter.

The book doesn't call it, but I've used copper washers to avoid any eventual leak and some Loctite on the threads.

New limiter in the block.

Some grease on the O rings to keep them in place.

Cleaned up the tensioner.

I first followed the book as far as installing the chain, tensioner and cam shafts, but when I worked on the B head, it was easier for me to install the chain first, the tensioner and then the cam shafts.
Below, tensioning the tensioner at 14 ft/lbs

I have marked the rotation of the chain. This will be useful later in order to set the cam shafts.

Made an extension for my dial indicator to set the TDC.

To increase precision, i have marked the casing when the needle of the dial indicator stopped moving and then when it starts moving again. The true TDC as far as the crankshaft is concerned is in between the 2 marks. The difference is very small dough.

Setting the intake cam shaft by turning the cam shaft in the same direction of the chain. On the 2.7 liter, the valve is set at 1mm down and on the 3L it is 2.20mm. I wish the book said that earlier instead of in the check timing section. I had to re-do it. When the timing is set correctly, a mark on the shaft caps are aligned with the long mark on the cam shafts.

I could not loosen the rings on the cam shafts. After a call to Dave Burnham (Thanks again, Dave) I have grinded a chisel and by whacking the ring in the wise, it finally loosened up. Here is the wrench I made form two 2 inch pin wrenches. The other one is a grinded 26mm open spanner. To hold the cam shafts in position, I used pieces of leather between the caps and the cam shaft.

Setting the exhaust cam shafts, which have to be done in the opposite direction than the chain. The value is 1.3mm in both 2.7 and 3 liter engines.

The valves in balance. The light is in the exhaust opening. The exhaust valve is closing while the intake is starting to open.

Working on the B head now.

Of course, the chain is turning in the same direction than the A head, but it seems that it is the opposite, since it is pulling the exhaust cam shaft first. I marked the direction to avoid any confusion.

Stating to look like an engine.

Now, I am ready to set the timing on the B head...