Monday, July 20, 2009

Shims and crankshaft

Almost done with the shims. I am just waiting fro 3 coming from Dave Burnham.
Here is the set up to grind the shim perpendicularly.
I made a little piece of metal to fit into the shim to make it easier to measure.
Ready to fit the main bearings. Some black sealer there and Clevite on the bearings.
The manual calls for grease to keep the thrust bearings in place; I used Clevite.
Just put a little sealer on the washers for the outside nuts, just to be sure...
Due to the engine stand, I have skipped this step. I will install this seal and the pilot ball bearing when I remove the engine from the stand.

The machine shop sent the crank to get balanced. The shop that did the work removed the timing gear and did not bother making a mark (I learned my lesson, next time I’ll make a mark myself). Anyway, we did not know where to press it back. We saw a mark but it was wrong. So I have put piston #1 at TDC and made a new mark. Unfortunately the O is between 2 teeth, but since I have to do the timing for each cam shaft in relation with the piston, things will work out at the end. I have engraved a new mark, which will also help the next mechanic who will work on this engine.