Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pistons and lapping valves

Finally the custom pistons are done and mounted on the rods (Waited 3 months for these pistons). They are 92mm instead of 91.6. There are 100 gr less that the original Maserati ones.

The cylinders were marked and not cylindrical any more. Instead of changing the sleeves the machine shop suggested to hone them and have custom pistons made. Good idea and less expensive (But a loooong process).

A new valve.

Lapping the valves using a fuel line (See video below).

Checking for leaks. After 16 hours, the level of kerosene went down very little. Considering some evaporation, I think that the valve job was satisfactory.

Newly cut and balanced crankshaft.

The data sheet from the machine shop.

Small video on the valve job trick...

(I show the use of a drill as an option but doing it by hand is the right way to do it)