Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Water hose, new exhaust installed and battery tray.

I found a hole on the hose going from the heater core to the water pump. This reference is a Carquest number.

The old exhaust is out.

The new one is in.

All stainless steel.

A picture is better than 1000 words:

New polymer battery tray after some modifications. I clean as much rust as possible and used a rust encapsulator. I put grease under the tray to protect further the metal.

Pretty solid now. Less than $5 and a limited amount of work.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Engine oiler

I finally received my engine oiler. This is made by Silver Seal. I was very disappointed by this company. First I have received a defective oiler. I have sent it back and did not ask for a shipping reimbursement as long they send a good one to me overnight. The bottom line, I lost two weeks because of their poor quality control and customer service.

Otherwise this is a very handy tool. You put 4 quarts of oil and pressurise to 120 psi...

I used an old DS oil pressure sending unit on which I have silver brazed an adaptor. I made a loop with the oil cooler hose. After opening the valve, the oil came to the oil filter...

After installing the oil filter I saw the oil coming out from the cam shafts. So, everything seem to be good.

I replaced the oiler with a gage and used the starter to get the oil pressure up to see if my oil pump is working properly. I found 35 psi with a cold straight W30. The RTA (French shop manual) calls for 1.5 Bars (21.75 psi) @ 1000 rpm and 5.5 Bars (79.77 psi) @ 6000 rpm (Oil temperature being at 212 degrees F).

I have tried to get the compressions but my battery gave up. I found 165 psi on cylinder 6; I'll check the other cylinders later.
The engine is ready to get back home.

Now, time to reconnect everything.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Throttle cable and drive shaft

This is the throttle cable...

A replacement cable would run between $150 and $300, so I bought a barely used Harley Davidson speedometer cable for $20. The housing is almost identical than the original Citroen cable. The cable itself is 3mm instead of the original 2mm.

After removing the old piece, grinding and drilling, the new housing fits great.

I drilled a 5mm screw on the top for about 3mm to 4mm and silver brazed the new cable in it.

Same on the other side. I had to drill the original piece to accept the new 3mm cable.
Since this cable is supposed to turn instead of pulling, I was concerned that it might not be solid enough. I have applied a lot of force (Almost my weight) to try to break it; it is very strong.


I have also installed new outer boots.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Water manifolds, oil hoses.

Keeping myself busy while waiting fro the engine oiler...
The water manifold is on...

... as well as the dipstick.

One arm on a parking brake caliper was seized.

I have receive the new oil hoses.

I have sent back the fittings of the old hoses.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Set back! The device that I bought for injecting oil under pressure in the engine was malfunctioning. A sticker said "Inspected by Jim"; I guess Jim had too many beer that day :o/

So, I wanted to test the engine with the starter, check the oil pressure and compression, but now I have to wait for a new engine oiler. I want to test the engine before installing it in the car.

But, I received the oil cooler hoses; this is a good thing.

In the mean time, I have install the exhaust manifold on the A head and also received from Dave Burnham the thermostat, which was altogether missing before.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Connecting gear box

The gearbox is connected and torqued.
I bought myself some new tools; this one is very handy to access some nuts and screws. It is not strong enough to untigh or thigh a nut, but when working on Citroen, it is a must.

I have made a new hydraulic line going to Diravi system at the gearbox.