Monday, August 24, 2009

Engine oiler

I finally received my engine oiler. This is made by Silver Seal. I was very disappointed by this company. First I have received a defective oiler. I have sent it back and did not ask for a shipping reimbursement as long they send a good one to me overnight. The bottom line, I lost two weeks because of their poor quality control and customer service.

Otherwise this is a very handy tool. You put 4 quarts of oil and pressurise to 120 psi...

I used an old DS oil pressure sending unit on which I have silver brazed an adaptor. I made a loop with the oil cooler hose. After opening the valve, the oil came to the oil filter...

After installing the oil filter I saw the oil coming out from the cam shafts. So, everything seem to be good.

I replaced the oiler with a gage and used the starter to get the oil pressure up to see if my oil pump is working properly. I found 35 psi with a cold straight W30. The RTA (French shop manual) calls for 1.5 Bars (21.75 psi) @ 1000 rpm and 5.5 Bars (79.77 psi) @ 6000 rpm (Oil temperature being at 212 degrees F).

I have tried to get the compressions but my battery gave up. I found 165 psi on cylinder 6; I'll check the other cylinders later.
The engine is ready to get back home.

Now, time to reconnect everything.