Monday, August 10, 2009

Throttle cable and drive shaft

This is the throttle cable...

A replacement cable would run between $150 and $300, so I bought a barely used Harley Davidson speedometer cable for $20. The housing is almost identical than the original Citroen cable. The cable itself is 3mm instead of the original 2mm.

After removing the old piece, grinding and drilling, the new housing fits great.

I drilled a 5mm screw on the top for about 3mm to 4mm and silver brazed the new cable in it.

Same on the other side. I had to drill the original piece to accept the new 3mm cable.
Since this cable is supposed to turn instead of pulling, I was concerned that it might not be solid enough. I have applied a lot of force (Almost my weight) to try to break it; it is very strong.


I have also installed new outer boots.