Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oil and water pump

A 30mm socket worded nicely to install the lip seal in the oil pump.

Lip seal in place.

The re-enforced oil pump shaft, bigger diameter and longer spindles.

Ready to place timing chain cover.

I have grinded a crow foot to torque the 2 top screws.

Just to make sure that the oil pump shaft is properly in place

Oil pan ready to be installed.

Time to take care of the water pump. I have used some sealer to hold it in place (Avoiding it to turn and leak later).

I've used a large socket with some 600 grid and a little polishing to smooth out the surface

On the picture below, you'll see 3 screws that are longer than the others (On the oil pan); I don't know why and I put them there, at the end of the oil pan. If someone knows why and where they should go, please let me know.