Thursday, October 22, 2009

Buick distributor.

Well, I won't be using the condensers because I have purchased a Buick distributor modified and sold by John Titus. Finally, a good, maintenance free and reliable ignition for the SM!
John's directions are very detailed and easy to understand. The installation of the distributor was a breeze and I got it right the first time. Now the engine runs like a charm.

The Buick distributor on the left. I just had to remove the pin and the gear from the original distributor and installed it on the Buick one. I had to add a shim (washer) to be within the shaft play specs that John specifies.

TDC1 at compression, align the index of the rotor to the white paint mark on the border of the distributor; slightly to the right side of the car.

Aligning the reluctor according to a schematic provided by John.

I used the leftover tab from the SEV condensers I bought to connect to the coil. I will use the other one to add a condenser on the + side for noise reduction.

Done! The engine runs great now!

John Titus provides a lot of "SM solutions". If you have an SM and don't want to spend a lot of money fixing it, go to John's web site: