Thursday, October 29, 2009

Electrical, resetting tach for the Buick distributor.

The fans did not go on. Some rust prevented the relay to operate.

Going through the electrical system and getting the car roadworthy. The high beam just needed some soldering.

For some reason I could not get the ground at the upper right screw, but the ground was OK on the other one. I just had to make a little connection.

Here is the reason why the right side parking light was not working. The assembly is pretty much in new condition. It would be tough to find and costly to replace. Also, the metal doesn't take the solder. I just put a steel wire through to secure it.

A nice way to clean a spark plug...

... using a spot blaster.

Since the engine is working on one coil instead of two, the tachometer is getting 6 pulses instead of 3. That can be corrected by turning the potentiometer clockwise using the access hole under the label.