Friday, September 18, 2009

Crank plugs problem.

Another set back!
I have noticed my oil pressure falling. Turned out that one of the plugs on the crank shaft popped out. Looks like it happened to everybody, so I am not happy but I don't feel that bad. I have talked to a machinist who worked on Maserati and Ferrari engines; he was well aware of it and now it taps and put screw in plugs.
So after removing the oil pans and finding the plug in it, the engine has to come out and be opened up again; a full week of work on my own time... :'o(

Dave Burnham was out of plugs as well as my local machinists. I found some plugs at my local part store. They are deeper than the flat, original plugs. The good news is that they are readily available in the US.

This is the 10mm mark:

I used a 3/8th socket to hold the plugs and grind them to a diameter of 10.1 mm.

Finished. Took some time but I had no choice (But they were only $.60 each).

Next to an original plug. Being deeper, there is more metal in contact. I used a small magnet to be sure that no metal was inside the journals. I have checked all bearings and no damage has been done, by the way.

I used red Loctite and a small socket to drive them home, then I pushed the metal to be sure.